Vet holim is a chain of veterinary clinics serving the Jerusalem region and Ein Gedi. Over a decade and a half ago, the clinics were founded by Dr. Hilik Marom and Dr. Gil Ben Shlomo– also founders of the JSPCA of Jerusalem. the medical center has a professional and highly experienced team . The main clinic is located in kiryat anavim.
The Vet holim team puts a strong emphasis on providing a warm and family-like atmosphere.  We  stand by you every step of the way, from the moment you first bring your young animal into our clinic, through his adulthood and into his old age.
We make taking proper care for your animal easy and carefree. As part of our services we send you notifications for every vaccination or preventive treatment needed.
Our clinic uses the latest technology to provide professional and advanced treatments in the following areas:
* Surgery - elective surgeries (spaying and neutering), general surgery and orthopedic surgery
* Emergency services 24/7 - emergency telephone 054-561-3377
* Dental surgery/treatments
*Advanced lab tests - complete blood test and biochemistry
* Digital x-ray, exploratory x-ray, contrast x-rays, hip x-rays, ultrasound and more...

Vet holim offers a wide variety of products for your animals, ranging from high-quality medical and regular food products for healthy coat, mouth hygiene products, leashes and collars, as well as healthy snacks of various brands. We will be happy to help you choose the best food for your loved pet, according to his needs.

Vet holim 
operates a veterinary blood bank, which supplies hole blood and blood Products when in need, we also Distributes to all veterinary clinics in Jerusalem and judea . our team runs blood donation days on a regular basis.
we provides the option of purchasing an anual membership program which includes all needed vaccinations and deworming treatments (twice/year), discounted check-ups or surgeries and other services.

Kiryat Anavim:
Opening Hours for vaccines, routine checkups and recheckups:
Sun-Thur: 08:00-22:30

Fri: 8:00-18:00
Saturday: 08:00-18:00
the emergency department is open 24\7
Emergency Number- 054-561-3377

*Please make appointments in advance

Ein Gedi Branche: To make an appointment, please call 02-9922628.